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Botany Taxon/Taxa Area Institution/Project
Flora of China Plant families (selected) Asia: China HUH, eFloras.org
Brassicaceae of the World Brassicaceae: selected genera (global) HUH
Flora of Chile Plant species (selected) S America: Chile UACh, Flora Chilena
The Genus Arisaema Araceae: Arisaema (global) UU, Arisaema Enthusiast Group
Fumaria of the British Isles Fumariaceae: Fumaria Europe: British Isles BSBI
Kansas Grasses Poaceae: all N America: USA, Kansas KSU
Woody Plant Interactive Key for Mid-Atlantic Region of North America Woody Plants N. America: Mid-Atlantic Region NHB
Families of Angiosperms     Delhi University
Genera of Angiosperm families     Delhi University
PNGtrees - Key to trees of Papua New Guinea Tree species Asia: Papua New Guinea PNGplants
Identification of Philippine Rubiaceae Genera Rubiaceae Asia: Philippines UBT
Ferns (Filicopsida) of the British Isles Filicopsida Europe: British Isles DELTA
Mycology Taxon/Taxa Area Institution/Project
An Information System for Characterization and DEtermination of EctoMYcorrhizae Ascomycota: mycorrhizing species (mycorrhizal structures),
Basidiomycota: mycorrhizing species (mycorrhizal structures)
(global) LMU, DEEMY
Key to Lichens on Genus Level Ascomycota: lichenized genera (global) M, LIAS
Keys to (selected) Ascomycetes on Species Level Ascomycota: lichenized and non-lichenized species (selected families) (global) M, LIAS
Identifying Lichen Species of Germany Ascomycota: lichenized species Europe: Germany M, LIAS light
Identifying Lichen Species of the United Kingdom Ascomycota: lichenized species Europe: United Kingdom M, LIAS light
Identifying Lichen Species of Southern Africa Ascomycota: lichenized species Africa: Namibia; Republic of South Africa M, LIAS light
Identifying Lichen Species of the Greater Sonoran Desert Ascomycota: lichenized species N America: USA, Arizona, California;
ASU, LIAS light
Identifying Lichen Species of the World Ascomycota: lichenized species (global) M, LIAS light
Tuberkey Ascomycota: Tuber   Istituto di Scienze Biochimiche, University of Parma
Laetiporus multi-access key Basidiomycota: Laetiporus (global) Species-ID
Zoology Taxon/Taxa Area Institution/Project
Species of Agrenia (Collembola) Insecta, Apterygota: Collembola (global) UA
Species of Arrhopalites (Collembola) Insecta, Apterygota: Collembola (global) UA
Species of Pseudosinella (Collembola) Insecta, Apterygota: Collembola (global) UNVA
Key to the Belgian species of Coreidae (Heteroptera) Insecta, Heteroptera: Coreidae Europe: Belgium UA
Key to Mesocyclops Arthropoda, Copepoda: Mesocyclops S America: Neotropics Biotupe
Key to Linyphiidae (Araneae) Arthropoda, Arachnida: Araneae Europe Araneae


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